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Aqua Regia (Parallel Press Chapbook Series) F.J. Bergmann

Aqua Regia (Parallel Press Chapbook Series)

F.J. Bergmann

46 pages
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 About the Book 

Review first appeared in MiPoesiasAQUA REGIA: Poetry by F. J. Bergmann / Parallel Press / 1-893311-87-2 / 46pps.I felt like I walked into the “Hotel California” with the first poem, “Another Language” when shownSingle majuscules executedin hectic neon twitched above acanthus-carvedsconces whose scalloped protrusionswere disconcertingly drapedwith spaghetti, slowly dripping puttanesca sauceonto perilously slick parquet:Did I just miss an incredible food fight of a palatably debauch orgy-esque? Either way, it would have been too many carbs for my after holiday dieting…tho I have been known to sneak. The scenes are macabre, the ambience ... anticipatory.In the following poem, “Perfection”, I was again wondering morbidity, tho initially envisioned a Tom Waits worthy onset with “She had forget-me-not-eyes” , but when Bergmann got to her “skin like cream,/dribbling from her flesh/and flowing into a gooey/white puddle at her feet.” .. I started to wonder – Is she live? Or is she acid? There is tongue-in-cheek humor found in “Sky Blue” .. “It’s Blue Sky Week. There are weeks for all sorts of things, but blue/sky is important even if the sky isn’t actually blue during the week.”In “An Introduction to Our Revised Corporate Policy” the numbered notations include-“4. That looks like me.Everyone has a double somewhere. Make me. Sometimes you get/seconds without even asking. It is time to meet your reflection”But my favorite line in these revisions is that found in #5 .. “Does this tragedy make me look fat?” Each line easily stands alone in its own statement. Quick & easy pomes for the ages. Bumper-sticker them!The poem “Fudge” just plain scared me, (ever hear Alice Cooper’s song about “Steven”?) with its dance around and into childish insanity.Then “Listing to One Side, But Still Seaworthy” gives a “to do” list for what appears to be a very feeble-minded/border crazy unfortunate. OR, again I make reference, for the sorry sap in the movie “Memento”…Rescind party affiliationDuct tape (green?)BleachBake sodium 350 (here should be a degree sign, but my computer cant to it)Return library books!Gas (do not spill or inhale)Electric In “Uses of Metaphor” “He thought of each marriage as a stanza/in the poem of his adult life” … “a divorce/as the double carriage return.” A witty poem I’m quite envious of.The poem “To my Daughter on the other side of the world” saddened me, had me wondering..does she have leukemia? Is she at war? Assuredly, the heart strings were tugged here.“Lost in Translation” takes us back into a war zone, an Armageddon and protest against those who have placed such lives in jeopardy.. into today’s era of claustrophobic fear.These poems resonate speculation, scream protest, teeter on the mental abyss and yet leave you smiling for the every chance to take them all in.