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Sweet Anticipation (Truth, #4) Grace  Henderson

Sweet Anticipation (Truth, #4)

Grace Henderson

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Ryan Murphy is a nice guy.It’s a curse.It didn’t help him get the girl he wanted two years ago. No, she went for an asshole. An asshole who now happens to be one of his best friends.And it sure as hell isn’t helping him now, when Brooklyn Mason, his boss’ beautiful yet insanely spoilt daughter, is trying her best to sabotage one of the only good things in his life. His bar, Encore. He’s been running it singlehandedly for the past three years, ever since the Mason family all moved their snobby asses to Spain. And he’s enjoyed the fact he hasn’t set eyes on them since. But now, Brook’s all grown up and wants to prove to mummy and daddy she has what it takes to run her own business. And that means forcing Ryan out.Jennifer Harvey is a nice girl.It’s a curse.It didn’t help her ten years ago when she found out a secret her family had been hiding from her since the day she was born. Something that has shaped the way she’s conducted herself ever since. And it sure as hell isn’t helping her now when she finds out the guy she’s dating has been shoving his dick inside of every other female he’s been in contact with because she wanted to wait.Ryan and Jen have been attracted to each other since they first met through a mutual friend, but circumstances have always gotten in their way. One night, both decide it’s time to make changes in their lives- changes designed to bring out a little bad in both of them.Maybe then, they’ll feel more in control.But what will happen when their bad sides go too far? Will they be able to look past the other’s behaviour and see what’s really underneath? And will they be able to find a happy medium, and ultimately, their own happy ever after?